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2014 Trips

Best of the West
September 3 - 10

Magic Morocco
September 19 - 27

Balloons Over New Mexico
October 5 - 9

Costa Rican Explorer
November 1 - 8

2015 Trips

Newly added by
popular demand
New Zealand
Jan 14 - 27

New Zealand
February 5 - 18

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Travel Especially for Women

Canyon Calling was created in 1996 so that active women, like you, could enjoy extraordinary adventures!

You’re invited on a grand adventure! Our trips for women focus on amazing scenery, challenging yet attainable activities and the fun, enrichment and support of women in the outdoors. Founded by New Zealand outdoorswoman Cheryl Fleet, Canyon Calling’s vacations for women are meticulously researched and well led. Come solo, as 80% of our travelers do, or bring your friend, partner, Mom or daughter.

Read Cheryl’s Welcome.

"You provide a sanctuary of joy, adventure, acceptance and camaraderie for women of all ages, skills and intellect. All feel welcome. All feel stronger because of you. That is an amazing gift. I loved the balance of activity, chillin' and travel. You have the right formula. I am blessed to have met so many amazing women on this journey. It is because of you that we know and remember the strength and passion within us. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for a great trip." Donna S, OR (Costa Rican Explorer)

"I’ve taken women’s adventure trips before but this one beats them all!” Kathy T (Desert Mountain Escape)

"On each trip I've shared with you I've watched as the women you gather together become a community and learn to love, share and become more tolerant and accepting of the differences in the world."
Linda N, (Magic Morocco)

Women’s Adventure Travel – What makes us Unique?

Canyon Calling was the first to offer multi-activity adventure trips for women and we are proud to be one of the "original few" when women’s travel came of age in the 90’s.

Learn more about Activities.

“What a great way to vacation. Yesterday we canoed on Emerald Lake, today we hiked a glacier, and tomorrow we’re going white water rafting!” Sheila P (Canadian Rockies)

Active Vacations for Women – Is this for me?

Cheryl created this travel company so that all women, not just the fit ones, could enjoy the outdoors and see the world.
Meet our Adventurers.

"I appreciate the fact that you choose activities that suit my almost moderately-fit muscles!" Kathy C (New Zealand)

No experience is required for any of the fun things we do (rafting, sea kayaking, horse riding, hiking etc) and we teach the skills to keep everyone safe and enjoying the ride.

“I learned I could do things I never would have attempted without the encouragement of the group and our exceptional leader.” Pat L (Sedona Sojourn)

Traveling Alone? – Not for Long!

Your travel companions are flexible, good humored, fun loving women looking for the same thing as you - a great trip with fun people. No single-supplements are necessary and we rotate roommates. Wonderful friendships form and you laugh - a lot!

“We became a family for the week.” Ellen T (Fire + Iceland)

Trips for Women Only - What's So Special?

Some women feel more self-conscious in the presence of men, hyper-aware of their appearance or unsure of how they'll be received. When learning a new skill, some women feel a little bullied or unheard by men. On women-only trips, there's no pressure to perform, to go faster, or push harder. Each woman sets her own pace, always encouraged but never pressured into doing something she doesn't want to do. No one cares if it took 55 minutes to hike the trail to the waterfall. Instead, they appreciate that everyone made it there, enjoyed the views along the way, and captured a few photos of the bright red Tanager encountered on the path.

We foster a supportive, non-competitive environment where you can try out new skills at a leisurely pace. You can let your hair down and really be YOU! You return home feeling a great sense of accomplishment and with renewed self-confidence. The company of women is good for our souls. Read about our trip design Quality.

“In the middle of this unexpected transition in my life, words cannot express what this trip has meant to me. Thanks for the opportunity to grow." Patsy R (Arizona Spectacular)

"Your trips give me the opportunity to laugh till my sides hurt!" Sherryann P (Tetons-Yellowstone)

Small Group Travel – Absolutely!

Twelve is our limit on any trip - no bus tours here! We want everyone to feel special and attended to and we’ve found that a maximum of twelve works best.

"The second day into the trip I asked myself why I hadn’t done a Canyon Calling trip before!" Marie R (Canadian Rockies)

Your Contribution

Canyon Calling provides the structure but it is YOU who have made our women's adventures so memorable by opening your hearts – to the vistas, to the experiences, to the people whose lives we touch – and most importantly to each other. Your generosity of spirit, hearty humor and lust for adventure ensure rewarding friendships and treasured memories.


Best of the West
September 3 - 10

I am in awe of the beauty of the desert canyon-lands Bryce Canyon blew me away! A great group to travel with and I enjoyed every minute. - Donna A, NJ

Magic Morocco
September 19 - 27

A new world view opened up for me and gives me the inspiration to reach across the seas. Morocco is a beautiful, warm and welcoming country and I'm grateful to be here. - Linda, TX

Balloons Over New Mexico
October 5 - 9

The beauty of New Mexico and the Native American people is an experience everyone should have. - Linda D, PA



New Zealand
Jan 14 - 27

Cheryl’s knowledge and love for her native land is palpable. This is a trip I’ll talk about for the rest of my life. New Zealand’s beauty is only half the story. The other half is the people who live life as it should be – in the moment and full of laughter. - Linette H, AZ

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